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April 20, 2005

Walk Around Until You Feel The Walls Are Caving In...

OK, so Pop Eye the fish has now gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone will die with him. He's swimming around trying to rub his huge fucking eye all over the other fish, and currently I am not impressed with his behavior.

Although, you do kind of have to admire him.. he's rubbing it against other fishies, and he can probably even barely see anything. Smart little bugger. And he's cute too. I spent like at least 2 hours today trying to find another cute little fishy. Went to all the fishy stores, and no one could make me happy. So I didn't get a fish, I got a piece of driftwood instead.

I showed my Dad my tank, and he say's it looks "busy" and also that there is a lot of plant life. Kind of like a growing OP> then he mentioned that I should use my Bachelor of Science to invent a way to grow pot underwater, and I would become so rich and then I could buy him hardwood flooring.

I'm actually thinking of taking on this challenge, for nothing other than sheer boredom.

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
I mean honnestly, my blog isn't important at all; just important to me

Hmmmm, says:
I see..

Hmmmm, says:
what is important to you.. ?

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
to feel like i'm contributing something to society. to have my voice heard, even if i'm not saying anything of particular value.

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
and to know, that i have the freedom to do all that, and realize that a lot of other people dont


Angela said...

If you grow pot under water, you will give a whole new meaning to Refeer Madness.
I too would like hardwood flooring.
And I love your blog.

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