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April 19, 2005

Sometimes its fun to pretend you're someone else. Like sometimes at work, I pretend to have an English accent.

"Would you like a journal?" I drawl. People kind of look at my funny and smirk. And then I get all giggly because I'm acting like a total idiot, but at least I won't have any customer complaints because I'm way too amusing and cute.

They always take the free journal.

But if people ask for one, I lie to them and tell them I've run out, even if it's 6:05am. No journal for you! And then I act like I'm the journal nazi, like Seinfeld's soup nazi.

My fish has Pop Eye. Isn't that the most clever name of a disease you've ever heard? So anyway, his one eye has become the size of a marble (slight exaggeration) and he's swimming kind of slanty. Also, he seems to be having some kind of fin tremmors.

Google search says that Pop Eye is not contageous, but I'm scared that when Mr. Fish dies, the other fish will start to eat him and then they'll all get Pop Eye as well. So should I just take him out of the tank? And KILL him?? I'm already crying inside.

Gina said 3 of her fish got Pop Eye and died. I am sad because Mr. Fish is red, and he looks nice in the tank, and he likes to chase his reflection and act like a strung out heroin addict who needs a frappucino.

They always take the journal love. *insert fake English accent here*


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