And They're Off

April 11, 2005

OK, in ultimate procrastination mode for tomorrow's EDIT 202 final, I started the book. Or, novel, now that I'm a writer, it's a novel.

OK, so I started the novel. Mainly, I came up with a title, and the title of my first chapter. This is the best part I think, naming things I mean. Now I just have to fill it in with a bunch of crap and whammoo! Novel complete!

My jaw hurts thinking about this novel. Hmmm, this may be too much pressure for me. I might just scrap the whole project. Although, it is quite amusing to ramble on about what I should do about the stupid novel.

The main problem is the apparent lack of a plot, and the complete lack of ideas for one. Who wants to read a book about nothing? I dunno


sojourning crow said...

why does your jaw hurt thinking about a novel?? what kind of novel is it??

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