I hate the University of Alberta

April 12, 2005

OK, it's happened. I really didn't think this could happen again, and I was obviously wrong.

I thought the U of A was done totally fucking with me and my program and essentially the rest of my life. But I was just being a stupid naive girl. Because ahhh once again they are fucking with me royally.

Their program sheets for Education state that to be a chemistry major, you need 18 credits in Chemisty or Biochemistry. That's all it says.

I get a letter in the mail, congrats! You're conditionally accepted! Here's your program sheet with all the crap you need to take when you start your bullshit afterdegree.

But wait, what's that? They say I need 3 Senior level chemistry classes? I'm sorry, where the hell did that come from? I have 15 credits in Chemistry/Biochemistry, don't I only need 3 more credits? According to the program sheet that's all I need. So why are you telling me I need 9 credits at senior level? How did this happen?

I'm sure as hell going to find out, and I'm going to release some hardcore rage at the stupid Undergrad Education Office.


sojourning crow said...

ahhh, but which supervillian:


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