Take me to the Shore... I Won't Scream

April 20, 2005

I just took my garbage outside. I love it outside. It's nice and warm, the perfect temperature really. The cement, not hot but not cold under my toes. And the sound of a million crickets getting funky in the darkness is just endearing. But nothing is better than the smell.

The smell of a beautiful evening, it makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

It's really clear out, stars all over the place. And sometimes I wonder that if I look hard enough up at the stars maybe I'll see someone staring right back at me.

This is the kind of night I wish I was camping, or even just sleeping in the backyard. That would be nice too.

Stompy and Nerd aren't being posted today, I was to sad to draw them. Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe it's stupid of me to write a book. I was looking at publisher sites, and they say to make sure the book is good before you submit it. Well how am I supposed to know if its any good? I wrote it, so probably I'll like it.


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