I Take my Clothes off Whenever it Suits Me

April 20, 2005

So here it is, the day before the EDPY 200 final exam. So what am I doing? Well, currently I am lying in bed, and I have huge plans to go for a bath. Plus, I have to go and purchase some bird food, which I should have done yesterday when I was at the store, but I forgot the list.

So now I have to go back, I'm hoping that while I'm there, some miracle will have occured and I will fall madly in love with one of the fishies and then I will purchase it and put it in my Grow OP (ie. the fish tank).

Then perhaps I will get around to reading the 2 chapters I have left, I somehome managed to get through 3 so far, so I'm ahead of the game so to speak.

Plus its only like 32% or something totally lame. And I don't really care because I'm already totally in summer vacation mode.

Oh and Carnivale is on tonight!! Woo, so there goes 2 hours of study time. Can't not watch Carnivale, I'm totally addicted to that one!


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