I Wish I Was A Teenage SuperModel

May 1, 2005

Mainly I wish this because I long for a complete escape from reality.. I spent all day at my Baba's. Bored out of my mind.

I wish I could spend all day in a designer dress, sipping martini's and talking about how fab I am. And then I would dash off to the ladies room to "powder my nose" which I kind of just possibly realized means: snort as much coke as possible so that when I'm sipping my martini I'm extra funny.

In any case, today was super boring, but I did purchase the new Beck CD; Guero. It's up there on the scale of radness. It makes me move my shoulders from side to side feeling like I'm chillin in da most awesome funk-tastic moment of my life. Na na na na na na.

I've given up on the book.. To much lameness I feel. Wasn't going anywhere. I didn't really have any ideas, so boo to that one. I'll have to make millions in some pyramid scheme along the way. That seems almost more logical that the sky being blue. If you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, I've decided to revamp the layout once again.. Everytime I look at it I feel like there's an empty hole in my tummy, so updates are on the way. But currently I'm not in the mood altough I keep adding and the sidebar gets longer and longer and not any prettier, but longer.

Stompy and Nerd will be returning, as I feel my humor drought possibly comming to an end. Hurrah!

Oh, and Happy Easter to all the chillin Ukranians out there! Three Cheers for paska my friends.


Gina said...

I hate being bored out of my mind. It would be cool to be a model, but then again. You have all the added stress about never being skinny enough, every tiny imperfection about your body is noticed and I think as a person you would never be happy with who you really are. SO ill stick with my body in which I am not happy with, but at least people aren’t magnifying every imperfection of it.

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