Every Step that you Take Could be your Biggest Mistake

June 9, 2005

After convocation I came to a realization. I'm wasting my life. Leslie and Aileen are going to Europe, Angela has an awesome new job, Gina's the most amazing person I've ever met, Corrine is getting some kind of geological job, and I'm wasting away at my stupid stupid job. I'm wasting away as something I hate, I got grad photos taken, and it was one of the most depressing experiences of my life.

My face is beyond red, as I had just run the length of the stupid mall to find the Sears Portrait Studio, and my chin is like another continent, my hair falls like I'd just been in a tornado or light electrocution, and I look like a fraud in the grad gown.


I ran into Steen at the ceremony. He was my awesome genetics lab partner for a few years, we had all our classes together except art options, I took sociology and he took history. He used to make up card games that he thought he could beat me at, but I'd always win and he'd get pissed off. It was funny, we'd play during our breaks. He asked me out once, I said no. I gave him my number at the ceremony, I don't think he'll call, but I want my chemistry textbook back, so I hope he does. And he's really nice, so that's good too.

I'm supposed to go camping tomorrow, I promised Gina I would. I really don't feel like it. I want to just sit at home and cuddle in my super soft cuddly pyjamas and watch movies and maybe read a book or go for a bath and not wash my hair for a while. She gave me amazing flowers for convocation, featured here:
roses2 And although camping sounds like fun, I'm just really not in the mood. She's gonna be mad. Uh oh!

My mom begged my not to get my eyebrows threaded, so I didn't. She claims that if you do it enough when you're young, your eyebrows just won't ever grow back and you'll be one of those crazy ladies on the bus who completely draws in her eyebrows, sometimes using green eyeliner which makes no sense at all, but it was effective enough to scare me away for a while. So my eyebrows are au natural, except for the unibrow which I totally pulled out, cause that is just too much for me to handle.

I look like some kind of heinous bitch lady, and it's kind of true. I haven't slept in 18 hours, so I'm kinda sleepy. But mostly, I'm just bored.


christy said...

aww, steph, i'm a heinous bitch lady too. ask anyone.

your pictures are nowhere near as bad as you say they are. don't be so critical of yourself.

i get this feeling that you are kinda like me... i make plans to do things and then decide i don't want to do them and ask myself why i ever said i would... it usually pisses people off. :)

hey, why not just get your eyebrows waxed instead of threaded?

Stephanie said...

Well threading and waxing are the same idea, getting the root out so it won't grow back. I suppose even plucking qualifies. I don't know. I guess the look OK. I don't care. Can't afford threading right now anyway; and it only costs $6.00.

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