I'm Hopeless but I don't Know It

June 11, 2005

So I ended up going camping for the night. We kind of got lost on the way there, not our fault though, the highway had confusing signs, stupid highway. But we finally got there. The sky was pretty and blue and there were mosquitos in the air.


We pitched our tent, Gina, Nick and I. The tent was up, and rain was comming in. We had to fashion a plan and quick! Out came the tarps, and up went the awesome and super amazing Fort! Leak free (mostly) and really blue, all good in my books. I think setting up the fort was the best part of the "trip". So much fun. I love doing stuff like that. Like, "how are we going to figure this out and not get wet" kind of stuff. Sounds lame, but I just adore it.


Of course there were a few water pooling problems, but good thing we had the tarp, the rain was comming down like crazy. Then we played botchee ball and it was fun because we got to throw things around and yell like banchee's and I like doing that kind of thing, throwing and yelling I mean.

And then the van that me and Gina were sleeping in got a flat tire and I started to worry about how we would get home, so I started drinking and everything was OK. Plus Bobby volunteered to fix it, silly Bobby.

Then there was the cute Yorkie-poo named Reggie and I fell in love. Lyndsey held him so I could take a pic, he was super hyper-active.

Brandy & Bobby fought over a sweater which resulted in hilarity. Later, Bobby, Gina and I went to visit the group site beside us; it was a Bible Camp.

We met a 15 year old named Matt. He wanted to know when we had accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives. He sounded like a robot, and for awhile I thought he might be an alien. I'm sad I didn't take a picture, but I didn't want him to freak out and get all his other bible friends and there would be some kind of a riot or something where they run after you with pitch-forks and lots of fire.


Then Bobby, Gina and I went for a walk and it was like the Blair Witch Project, and I'm scared of the dark because who knows whats there? I sure don't. And I was freaking out and then Bobby ran away and then he jumped out of the bushes and me and Gina were screaming and I was mad and full of rage and was all grrrrrrrr.

So then today after a stupid bad sleep in the van with like maybe 3 hours and hot dogs for breakfast we went to the "beach" which wasn't really a beach.

They went swimming but I didn't want to so I just put my feet in, even though I was concerned about infection in my blister but I didn't care anymore.

And now I'm home, full of craziness and sunburned to a crisp. Why did I forget sunscreen? Why is life so unfair? I don't know. But I hurt, and I'm seriously lacking aloe in the house. As soon as I came in the door my mom started freaking out about how my feet looked like the black abyss and would I ever get around to cleaning the fish tank because my room smells like fish tanks, and I said OK I'll do it right now, but then ended up not doing it. Haha. Well, I cleaned 2 out of 3. That's a lot, since I can't really move because I'm in pain.

Actually the pain doesn't bother me all that much, it's that fucking itchiness. Oh good lord, the itchiness it driving me nuts. I'm crazy burnt, not just a little bit, but a whole lot. And good god, itchy! I had to purchase Noxema, it was $7.00. What the fuck!



Gina said...

This is the most awsome blog ever Stephy. The pictures are awsome. The way you wrote the trip awsome. Wow I didnt think that you were that burnt. Must have been when we were at the beach. Im not burt at all. Oh well you should end up with a nice tan afterwards.
Cheers to good times

christy said...

you are pretty good at the storytelling, yo.
i'm glad you decided to go even though you weren't sure if you wanted to at first.
it's been so long since i've had a sunburn. i should get out more.

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