Finally... Something 'Good'

June 7, 2005

Today has been a grand day. One of those days that is totally lazy and all boring and lying around watching TV in pyjamas.
After days and days of bad things happening: yelling customers, a complete wipeout of all the fish in my tank (thats like 40 fish for sure), Gina's fishtank getting ick too, my brother being a complete jerk, sales clerks telling me I'm fat like I don't already know... finally it has happened.

The one thing that can bring me out of complete and utter depression.

Matt Good's comming to town! Oh yeah baby! July 28th, Klondike days! I'm in a euphoric high.

Mom bought me these flowers for convocation tomorrow. She's so nice.

Convocation is going to be boring. There should be lots of pictures, I think my parents will go picture crazy.


Gina said...

Congrats on the Convocation!!. Doesnt it feel nice to have a degree!. Awww My little Stephy is growing up.
Have fun today kay!!!!

christy said...

i wish matt good came to texas. :(

oh and um, the next time someone tells you you're fat, you should probably tell them to shove it up their ass. or you could say "your mom" because that one always gets 'em.

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