I Play with Vampires on the side of the Road

June 5, 2005

I went to extra foods tonight. I wanted popcorn. It was 9:12pm. They were closed. This kinda weird-cute guy was waving at me when I was driving out of the parking lot. I stopped and said 'hi'. I kind of recognized him from a million years ago.

He's my mom's friends son. He had walked from his house to extra foods which was closed. I felt bad so I offered him a ride. We went to IGA and it was weird.

I haven't been alone with a male in 3 years, ever since my stupid fucking-pondscum-exboyfriend and I broke up. I almost drove into another car.

Not my fault, I was backing up and this stupid guy came around the parking lot corner at like a million KM. And I was like 'whoa!' and he was like 'ahhhhh'. I told him to calm down, baby, I'm a slick driving chick.

In any case, I didn't give him a ride home. He wanted to walk, said it was the only thing he had planned for this evening. I said Okkkkk crazy man. Don't you know Trailer Park Boys is on? Duh squared sir.

He apparently lives only at night. I've been socializing with a vampire.

This stupid guy at work yelled at me because this ticket he pulled from the machiene said he entered the parking lot at 3:41pm, and he kept telling me it was impossible and I don't know what I'm doing. ANd I told him the clocks are syncronized so it doesn't matter! And he kept yelling that it's impossible. And I kept yelling about the syncronization of the clocks. He had already paid. Asshole. 14 cars in line behind him.


christy said...

i love the title of this post so much that i wish i had thought of it myself.


Stephanie said...



Mark said...

Duh squared. That made me laugh. Trailer Park Boys is the best show on TV. With flying carpets.

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