Warning! Total Bullshit Ahead

June 18, 2005

SO the most uncool thing ever happened at work.

Yesterday my stupid boss called me into his office and is like, "Stephanie, you're not in trouble, but there have been a couple complaints about you."


"I'm not going to write you up, but I just wanted you to know so we can get past this."


"One complaint is that you're not at your till enough."


"The other is that you aren't doing enough paper work."

OK boss, I can't do both at the same time, so you pick what you want me to do and I'll fix that situation.

"But I just want to know that you still want that super secret job in the fall. DO you still want that? Cause I really want you to be my assistant."

OK sure.

The minute I got home I started looking for a new job. Applications go out Monday. Fucking hosers.

At least Coco still loves me


I told Donna about the complaint. She's flipping out, mad as hell and is on a rampage. But she's only working here for a few more days until her last day and then I'll somehow be obligated to buy her a cake, even though she didn't get me one for convocation, which I think totally merits some kind of cake. She just kept talking about how her son's girlfriend is graduating from nursing and la de da isn't that great "I hope they get married" barf. Too bad her son has like no education and stupid ass job.

Then Sharon was in today and she's like "Stephanie, would you fill out this damn paper work so I can enter it into the computer already!"

And I'm like: "what's wrong with it?"

She like: "you didn't fill in all the numbers and where's the money count" bitch bitch bitch.

I'm like: "right there!"

"oh, hehe sorry. You do it differently then Annie, your printing is smaller."

uh huh.


Gina said...

I love COCO Bear!

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