Why does the dog always get drunker than me?

June 25, 2005

I left a cooler in a cup on the coffee table tonight. 2 minutes later I came upstairs to find my dog, Coco, finishing it off. She then proceeded to turn around on the couch and puke it up. Then she ran to the kitchen and puked again. I let her in the yard, more puking. She had just eaten supper. I was grossed out.

I saw someone I used to go to highschool with today. I was driving and he was jogging with a large, cute dog. His name is Daniah.. he's one of the biggest asshole's I've ever met in my life. This happened hours ago, and since then I've been having fantasies of hitting him with my car.

I wonder what he would think of me if he saw me now. Would he recognize me? Would he laugh in my face? More than likely I would tell him to fuck off and then other sentances would follow and I'd sound like a crazy sailor with all the swearing and possibly staggering from confronting one of my greatest fears, people who were atrocious to me in the past, and me not knowing how to respond. All my insecurities rushing to the front of me, like a damn ready to burst. And I'd act stupid and like I always did, back away.

The 10 year reunion should be interesting.

My back hurts.


Captain Rocket said...

I love seeing people from high school who I never liked, because usually they are going nowhere with their lives. It's fucking great.

I guess we should let this hate go and become better people...

Katie said...

That guy is a complete asshole i don't blame you for not liking the guy. I want to run him over too.

Gina said...

yeah except that Daniah openned for a band at Big Valley. So I guess hes a big sucessful. I was never in any class's with him. Thank god. He wouldnt recognize me. But I still think he is an ASs

christy said...

i used to have a cat named coco... she had a kitten in my sock drawer.

hmm. run the guy over. i won't tell anyone.

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