I'm a Spoiled little Bitch

June 16, 2005

When my brother Daniel was younger he started playing soccer. He's fucking good at it the little bugger. Anyway, this other kid, Abel, joined his team. This kids (and when I say kid I mean teenager) legs were like toothpicks and if someone came near him he'd get injured and have to sit out the rest of the game and maybe even other games.

Abel comes from Rwanda. His father was murdered in front of his eyes.

Abel is still in highschool. Today he came to my house so he could do a presentation and try to sell us some knives. We bought a whole bunch and we're sending him to every single other house we can think of.

I'm filled with overwhelming saddness right now. I complain about a lot of things, and I think that things aren't going my way, but my father wasn't killed in front of me. And honnestly, nothing else really seems to matter. Even my new purse.


I mean, yeah, the purse is cute, but who the fuck really cares? I spent my day looking for a new watch, and this highschool kid is working two jobs so that he and his family can live in this country.

I'm a spoiled little girl, and I didn't realize it until now.


christy said...

that is so sad.
i bitch about my life too, and then i hear things like that and feel like such an ass.

it makes so many things just seem so worthless, doesn't it?

i still like your purse, though.

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