Today I'm Angrier than a Pirate who Lost his Booty

June 29, 2005

My new goal is to take like, 3 to 5 pictures a day and then post them on here so that my long boring posts are at least asthetically pleasing.

Work was super boring and I was really tired because even though I hoped to sleep in until 8am, I was rudely awoken by my mom at 5am because my stupid brother was not yet home from a night on the town.

He had gone out for coffee with Nicole, my arch-nemesis, although I'm not sure she knows that. In any case, they left for Starbucks at like 7:30 and obviously he didn't stay there until 5am. Oh no, this story is much better than that.
Dan and Nicole went downtown to a bar, where her friends were waiting. Since Dan wasn't driving, Nicole was, he proceeded to get exceedingly drunk out of his tree. Fine, he's old enough to do what he wants. Nicole, finding her friends more appealing than my brother proceeds to leave him at the bar by himself with no ride home. And since the bar is like 45minutes away from home (we live a little bit out of the city), this poses a large problem.

Not to worry, super-drunk Dan decides to walk half of the city before he actually manages to get ahold of one of his friends at 4am. He was having cellphone problems where his phone wouldn't get a dialtone type thing. Gotta love technology. So Adam gets up in the middle of the night and picks up Dan, who staggers in the door at 5:15am. Steph28

He then proceeds to call Nicole and scream at her about what a bitch she is. She hangs up on him. He dials her other line, and starts yelling at her: "yeah, hang up all your fucking lines you bitch." Finally, fuck, I hate that chick. This isn't even the first time she's done this to him. She's stranded him drunk in the city 3 times already.

I was walking through the mall today and I thought I spotted her. I would have threatened to beat her silly if she ever did that to my brother again. We can't exactly figure out why he didn't phone home, or take a cab, but he was crazy drunk, and Adam is his first person on speed dial, so I assume that's why he got the call instead of us.

Work was boring and stupid and I'm glad I didn't go in all day because that would have been way to much training and I think the 3 hours I got was more than enough. But who knows. Things have a way of falling apart.

EDIT: For a person who hates how they look, I sure do spend a lot of time taking pictures of myself.


Gina said...

I love the pictures you take of your self. THey turn out really good. Besides gives your blog character. At least you show real pictures of yourself. Some of us dont.

christy said...

the kissy face picture is hot, woman.

even you and your hatred for the way you look have got to admit that.

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