I am the Dolphin of your Dreams

June 25, 2005

Last night, actually this morning around 9:30am I had a totally fucked up dream. That's what happens when you get woken up and then fall back asleep... totally freaking dreams. So without further ado, I present My Totally Fucked up Dream!

It started with me getting on a plane. I was assigned the seat 5-1A. But this seat was not in the fifth row as the number would lead you to believe. Nope, it was at the front with all kinds of leg room, but with no windows, but that didn't matter because 15 seconds later I was off the plane and boarding a boat. Kind of a small cruise ship type of boat.

So then I was on this boat and we were driving out on the ocean, probably Mexico or maybe somewhere else, but it was beautiful with the bright blue water and sky all around and the wind in your hair kind of thing. dolphins
So then we're on the boat, me and a bunch of people I don't know. This is a good time to mention that we're all really skinny and look like celebrities and are having lots of fun.

So then all these dolphins start swimming beside the boat and eveyone is freaking out because there's a bunch of cute dolphins and then people are jumping in to swim with them and I'm kind of scared because the boat is moving but I've always wanted to swim with dolphins so I jump in. And I start swimming down and then I see this weird yellow hat and I think that it's weird that a dolphin is wearing a hat and I grab on, and I feel hands grasp my arms and start pulling me down and I'm running out of air. So I break away and get back on the boat.

Then we're on a school bus driving to this kind of rundown house and in the backyard there's a hot tub and these guys are in it with these girls in slinky silver bikini's that weren't meant to get wet so its like nipple city in there.

We put our bags in the kitchen and I'm not really sure why we're there but there are palm trees all over the place. Then I get the feeling this is about drugs but I'm not sure. And then this guy is threatening me because I didn't pay him to swim with the dolphins.

We get into an argument because in fact he is not a dolphin, so why should I pay to swim with him? And he's still wearing his weird little yellow hat. So then he's pulling a gun on me, and Jeff Goldbloom comes into the kitchen and is all "What the fuck?!" So I take the oppotunity to run out of the kitchen and start yelling like a banchee that we need to leave. Then we're all on the bus again, but I've forgotten my digital camera and I need to go back to the house.

And people are yelling at me, but I really like that camera so I insist we go back. And we do, and I'm running through the house, the kitchen has a red tile floor. Kind of a terra cota mostly, and yellowish peeling wall paper. And Jeff Goldbloom is standing there, like he was in Jurassic Park, explaining Chaos Theory. And I'm like, this is not the time Jeff! I just want my camera, then I take a picture of me and him and get back on the bus.

My mom woke me up right about then.


Gina said...

Its nice to know some one else has fucked up dreams like me. It totally sounds like a dream I would have. I always think that I need to go see some kind of dream expert for all the dreams I have..
My suggestion Never get on a plane and sit in seat 5-1A

christy said...

that's a fucked up, totally awesome dream. you know, i used to have really normal dreams but lately they've all made about as much sense as this one of yours.

which makes them way cooler. :)

Captain Rocket said...

Pretty sweet. It would be even better if somewhere out there Jeff Goldblum had the same dream....

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