Something always goes wrong along the way - Cute kid, what the hell happened?

June 28, 2005

Stephanie 025
Fuck, I was a really cute kid. It's unbelievable, and I'm not afraid to say it, how cute I am in this photo. This dog's name is Stosh, I loved him. He liked to swim and would always bring back the stick I threw, no matter what. He was the first dog I ever met, and he belonged to my godfather Roy who owned a cabin up at Sylvan Lake where this photo is taken. I loved that cabin, it had another little cabin in the back where I got to stay when I was a bit older, that's how I remember it anyway. Probably wasn't like that.

For years I believed I had been to Disneyland, there were lots of pictures of me with Mickey and Minnie, turns out, they were just at Southgate Mall for some reason. That shook me up pretty badly, who knows what else I imagine to be true.Stephanie 015
In any case, I have to go in to work tomorrow for "training". They're having me fill in as the BOSS this weekend, so I'm getting 4 hours of training for this and then haha goodluck you're on your own. My boss will regret saying I could call his cell anytime I have a problem. By Sunday I'll have committed the number to memory for sure. I don't really want to do it, but they really need someone, so fuck, it's me. We're training a girl to do my shift on thursday. So this should be awesome, two people who have no idea what they're doing running the whole damn show on a frickin long weekend. If there wasn't double time and a half, I would be so far away from that place.


Captain Rocket said...

At least you will have a story to tell when it is done. Fuck ups make the day more interesting anyway.

Stephanie said...

good point

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