Here is the complete Unofficial and therefore way better Review by Stephanie!

June 18, 2005


I saw Batman Begins yesterday. Here is my review. Please keep in mind that I was very sleepy and also that I had a sniffly nose and also that my chair wasn't comfy and that also my popcorn was really good and actually my popcorn was the best part of the movie so I'm glad I went.

It was pretty good. I didn't like his voice though.

Katie Holmes was predictable. All I could think about was if she was going to convert to Scientology like Tom Cruise and then they could have scientific babies and live happily ever after.

THis guy was yummy:
He was by far my favorite part of the show. Mmm yummy.

Oh, except Michael Caine. Who was fabulous as always. But he doesn't count, because I've seen him in other stuff, and this guy was yuummy. And Morgan Freeman was pretty good too. But not as good as in Million Dollar Baby. But I mean, the two movies don't even compare, so that's not really a fare assessment. Hehe, I said ass.

The plot was alright. Not the best plot in the world. But I guess it's kind of hard to be the best plot in the world.

Anyways, this has been an UnOffical Stephanie Review!


Captain Rocket said...

This movie rocked, and I am a nerd.

Gina said...

I totally hated Batmans voice when he was batman. what was that all about. YOU know whats funny. Everytime I saw Homes I was like. I cant belive shes dating Cruise. Thats all I could think about.

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