Brain Function is at an all time Low

October 9, 2005

I've been sick. I've had the worst head cold imaginable and then multiply that thought by a zillion and that's how sick I was/am. But I feel a little better today. I should hope so, I've spent the last 48hours sleeping. Not exactly the most productive few days. Two midterms comming up this week, about 4 weeks of reading to catch up on in the next 3 days. So this should be good.

Anyway, biochem midterm went better than expected, which is great because I was feeling so insanely drowsy before it, I'm just glad I managed to stay awake and answer all the questions. I don't have my mark, but since I anticipates like 10% i think I may have surpassed that.

I'm not too woried about the psych midterm. Friday was a review session in class and people were asking super dumbass questions, so dumb that even the prof started laughing. "Ummm, will we have to know which part of the brain does what?" Uhh YEAH dumbass. We spent over a week discussing it, you think it's not going to be on the exam? Well, that calmed my nerves at least.


Captain Rocket said...

Hey, you're back. Too bad that you're sick, though. Midterms are the best part of going to school you know. Oh wait, what is that other word? Oh yeah, worst. That's what I meant.

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