Take Out Your Dancing Pants

October 11, 2005

OK guys, I passed biochem midterm. Party party party. Didn't do that great on it, but, I didn't fail. So there's that.

It's weird how a week of your life can just go by and you don't even really notice. Spending all that time in bed, and nothing really changed, didn't really miss anything important.

Today in EDU I saved a seat for someone and they did not come sit by me, so this other crazy guy came and he was moving around the whole time and kept kicking me and then he hit me in the head with his elbow and it was super annoying. And he kept talking to me during the movie we were watching and I was like "can't you see that I just want you to fuck off and stop talking to me and stop kicking me now?!?!" but as always I said nothing and just kind of nodded and kept watching the movie. In other news, psych midterm tomorrow. Also, I can't stop coughing.

Stephanie Secret: I don't like pizza


Gina said...

Still cant belive that after all of these years you still dont like pizza. Sucks to your asthmar!!

Yeah for passing Midterm. Im sure u will do fine!


adrienne said...

ok, you don't like pizza? what is it about pizza you don't like? all the delicous toppings you can choose? the wonderful crust that you can have half a dozen different ways? or is it the wonderfulness of the cheese and sauce combo?

for the record, i had pizza twice this weekend. and also, you are crazy.

Stephanie said...

mainly its the cheese and tomato sauce. yuck. i hate cheese. gag.

uglybutterfly said...

Too much cheese can be a bad thing anyway. Stick to your anti-pizza ways!

I also hate when morons sit beside me and don't stop moving.

For the record, I can't stop moving now but that's because I've had 6 cups of tea in 2 hours.

christy said...

you hate cheese??? what?

that's it. we're breaking up.

and chad's such a jerk for not sitting with you, i should kick him in the head.


Captain Rocket said...

Haha...I was late and confused, as usual.

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