Matthew Good is the God of my Adultery

October 31, 2005

I ended up going to Matthew Good alone, my friend cancelled. Luckily I met Chad in line. I ended up knowing his friend Sean from summer school 6 years ago. I'm extremely surprised he remembered me. I was quiet and shy and everything I try not to be when I meet new people. But somehow words wouldn't really come out of my mouth, no matter what I did. Ughh. One thing I noticed about Chad is that he randomly starts dancing and kicking. It's funny.

I don't know where to start, I don't even know how to start. I just remember feeling my eyes glaze over in ecstasy as The Man from Harold Wood started to play. The anticipation, the excitement, and the joy. And then it happened. If there was another way to start this show, I couldn't fathom it. The Rat Who Would Be King. My heart melted instantaneously. I was floored and drawn in, and every feeling I've ever felt at a Matthew Good concert surfaced and I remembered why I love him so much.MattGood16

And then it changed, we're knee deep in Avalanche. And I'm desperately happy, not only for me, because Avalanche is one of my favorite live songs, but for Chad as well, because he was hoping for it. I don't have words for that song, when he changes his pitch in the second "avalanche" verse, it gets me everytime. It's not recorded like that, I feel privy to a secret.

Load Me Up
was next, I love crowd pumping songs. Although, the two guys behind me were singing very loudly and it was annoying. And one of them was moving his arms around crazily and he hit me in the head a number of times. But alas, I cannot complain.MattGood19
We're So Heavy. By this point I'm in a joy coma. It's my favorite off White Light, and I've been dying to hear it. He's plays it, and it's everything I'm hoping for. More actually. Suburbia, I'm in shock that this can get better, I'm waiting for Carmelina to fuck things up, but that doesn't happen. (Actually I like Carmelina live, it's just not my favorite song by a long shot). I wanted him to play Suburbia so badly, sighs of happiness.

Anyhoo, Bright End of Nowhere was a surprise to me. I never thought he would play it. A welcomed surprise. And how can you go wrong with 21st Century Living? Answer: you can't.MattGood47
Hello Time Bomb and Oh Be Joyful were exactly what I expected, happy and fun and rejuvenating.

I've been waiting for Empty Road for an eternity. I've only seen it live at the Joint, acoustic, beautiful enough for tears, and that was before White Light was released. And here it is. I wish it had been acoustic, but it was marvelous nonetheless. Then Weapon and Advertising On Police Cars and I'm always floored by both. Especially Advertising. Fuck I love that song.

And somehow it's the completely acoustic encore. And he's playing Prime Time Deliverance. I have been waiting for this moment since Underdogs was released. My eyes are teary and I'm wrapped up in something that I couldn't possibly explain with words. I will never feel that again. The pure beauty of it. MattGood31
And somehow, when I think I can't take anymore, he's playing Tripoli. And he's playing Apparitions, and then it's Generation X-Wing. It's the most heartfelt performance I've ever seen. I'm floored. I've never in my life heard anything more moving than this encore.

This post is way longer than I intended. I just couldn't stop. I didn't know where to start, and I just couldn't end.

More Matt Good Pics

EDIT: The Ladies and Gentlement were awesome, one of the best openers I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

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uglybutterfly said...

Thank You for writing that. Thank You Thank You *random scream*


I'm now officially incredibly so damn excited for tonight.

Glad to hear you had a good time.
Prime Time Deliverance.... I hope he plays it tonight too.

Captain Rocket said...

The best show evarrrr.

Gina said...

Sweet ass pictures.

Should have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking school

Stephanie said...

Umm, the concert was on Sunday, you were at work, not school.

Silly girl, tricks are for kids

Gina said...

What no tricks...... Oh no. What to do what to do...

Yeah well it was moslty about school... beacuse if I wasnt in school I could switch days at work and then go to the concert!!!!!!

Either way shows how I have no life. Cant even make it to the show!!!!!

christy said...

wow, steph, that's a fucking awesome post and i'm going to make out with it here in a few minutes.
i would have cried my face off. i am embarassed for whoever is with me when i finally get to see him live and i will totally understand if they pretend they don't know me. unless it's you, you will snuggle me and cry with me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - those are some amazing photos you took at the Edmonton concert. You even got some "this is me" pics - lucky you. (My only claim to fame is my George Stroumboulopoulos "this is me" pic.)

I'm going to send folks over here to take a look.

Stephanie said...

awww thanks!

Teddy said...

...folks like me.

Hey Steph, looks like you got closer to Matt and Pat than I did. Going to have to try that next time. But as Matt would say, I'm not hte 25 year old I used to be.

You seen my photos?

Empty Road is one of my favs, but somehow, it never comes across as well live as the studio version. Prime Time Deliverance, tho (did he play it in Ed?) is another story. He just nailed it here.

Anyhow regards!


Stephanie said...

Yes he played it in the Oct 30th show, acoustic style *drool*. He opened the encore with it. I almost had a heart attack. It's still imprinted in my brain, not something I'm likely to forget.

Yeah I was close, second row to be exact. Excellent spot. Only 2 hours in line to get it

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