Sometimes Nothing is better than Something

October 23, 2005

sometimes i feel like blogging
sometimes i dont
sometimes when i meet new people i act like a total uber bitch
but actually i am just shy and scared that they will not like me
i burned my forehead with a curling iron
i'm reveling in how hair incompetant i am right now
its not a super bad burn, but i can see it,
and when i look at it i'm all "you're such a retard"
who burns their forehead? neck maybe ok, but forehead?
and then i wanted icecream so i had some and i used 3 spoons to get it ready
but it was awesome
then i watched the fishies for a while and they were swimming
except like half the babies have died because who knows why
so there's only like 15 babies left and my heart is broken because of it
yesterday my baba gave these homeless people apple pie
they wanted her bottles as they rummaged through her garbage and she said no
but then she gave them an apple pie
simpsons is on right now and i like this show
homer becomes a rat in burn's prison

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
there was this guy that gina used to date and he was totally fucked up and used to ram his head into light posts and give himself a concussion, and so i used to slap him so he wouldn't fall asleep and it was sweet but he was a retard who wanted to get gina pregnant so she would marry him, and she was only 16 and it was fucked up

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
so this one time he was freaking out and we called the cops and then i called my dad

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
who showed up before the cops and the boyfriend, jeff, was trying to drag gina out of the car and my dad got out of his car with a baseball bat and was like "where the fuck is my daughter:

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
then the cops came, and one of them was soooooo hot

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
then i wrote an english final


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Gina said...

where did all of that come from?

Stephanie said...

*lol* i was chatting with isabel. and she was like "you should blog this shit" and then i did

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