It's Post 170! The Sheer Excitement of it All

October 27, 2005

Today I did something I don't normally do for school and ended up regretting it hardcore. I curled my hair. When I left the house is looked fucking cute. Don't get me wrong, I'm not egotistical in the least, most of the time I look like I've been rolling around in the mud, but today my hair was cute. Then 15 minutes later the left side of my head uncurled and I looked like a stupid retard girl who was trying but just couldn't do it.

:), says:
you probably looked like you just got laid *L* flat hair on one side

I wore my fucking awesome cute shoes as well, thinking, "hey, I've only got one class, my feet will be awesome OK in these shoes". I forgot I had this dumb research project thing and that I basically had to walk all over campus all day long. And so my feet are so sore right now.

So after class, in which I spent my time drawing a cartoon of the proff, I went for coffee with Angela, and then we had lunch, and then as I was walking to the researchShoes1
thing I started thinking "fuck this man" so I took off my shoes and walked around campus with just these "stalkings" on my feet. People were looking at me weird, and I was fantasizing hitting them with my shoes, but I don't want blood on them, so it was completely unrealistic. Probably blood is hard to get out of suede. Oh shoes, how can you be so cute? I just don't know.

Lyndsey has been showing my cartoons around the Faculty of Education, so slowly, but surely, the Stompy movement is gaining momentum. I love that guy, Halloween special comming up! I totally promise because I can see it in my head so therefore it will be done.

Matt Good this weekend. I'm going to one of the three shoes, and I'm sad about that. I think I'm going to go to the one on Monday as well. I invited Gina, she says the reason she can't go on Sat or Sun is because she has to work, now it's homework, grrrr. I have a midterm and a paper due! So it will be just me, alone. I've never gone to a concert alone before. I'm kind of scared about it, but I guess I'm there to hear him, not for conversation or anything so it's all good.

I'm going to dress up. Cause it's Halloween and all. I'm thinking of a sweet, and not hard at all costume. Pink bunny ears and probably extreme pink makeup and Sour Cherry Lipstick. A Matt Good costume for a Matt Good concert. I'm so cute. (I know, holy moly I gave myself a half compliment, fucking insane - don't get used to it hosers).


Anonymous said...

I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. matthew fox actor is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.

uglybutterfly said...

Ha. Nice comment

Anyway. I'll be going to the MG concert on Tuesday all by myself too so don't be sad. It's my first time going alone also.

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