I'm a retard and if you dont like it you can fug off man

October 14, 2005

Probably swearing isn't good manners in the title, so I should wait until the body of the post before I start swearing uncontrollably.

Today I'm a retard. I spent the last while downloading fucking Photoshop and now it's installed and working and I can't figure out how to use the fucking thing and I'm an idiot and that's that.

Then me and Isabel talked about how we're going to be whores on the same corner. And I was thinking that I should wear my new shoes:Shoes1
And then I thought that maybe these shoes aren't slutty enough. But seriously guys. I'm in love with these shoes right now and all I can think about it how ahhhhh I love these shoes. And also, they are cute.

Weird noises are happening upstairs. Either my dad is walking around or there is a burglar in the house. Or maybe it's the TV.

I could go for some popcorn right about now. Shoes2
But maybe I'll have popcorn tomorrow. Or I might go to the Women's Show and meet Rob and Amber from Survivor. Because that's what they're doing now. The Women's Show circuit. A couple years ago it was Colby from Survivor, and then last year is was Josh Duhamel from Las Vegas show and he's like fucking hotter than a sauna.


Gina said...

Those are some sweet ass shoes. I wish I Could stand on the corner with you guys. but I dont have any sweet ass shoes like that...

Stephanie said...

you can be on the corner in your sweet ass nursing shoes and we could use you as a feature "get the nursing fantasy here folks, that's right, the nursing fantasy"

christy said...

holy shit those shoes are adorable

today i was thinking about how funny it is that i love to buy shoes and look at shoes and talk about shoes but i hate to actually wear them.

Stephanie said...


buying shoes is like my new hobby. but i'm opposite to you, cause i really like to wear shoes, but only if the shoes are cute. wearing ugly shoes is no fun at all

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