Man oh Man

October 24, 2005

Last night I had this totally fucked up out of this world dream.

OK, so I was driving this submarine around the ocean and I had a crew but there were only 2 other crew memebers left because the other ones died when we had a runin with some sea pirates.

In any case, it was the 3 of us driving the submarine around the ocean. Then there was this other submarine driving straight for us and I was like "all hands on desk hosers!"

So the crew came and I was like "we're going to drive under the other submarine" but when we dove down the submarine started filling up with water and I was "uh oh". But it was OK, because we didn't fill up completely with water. But then somehow the temperature dropped off a whole fucking lot and the water started to freeze.

So we thought the best idea would be for all of us to lie on the floor and let the water freeze overtop of us because by this point there was a lot of fucking water and nowhere to hide.

So we all lay down and I had this button that I was going to push at the very last minute before it was complete ice over my face so that the submarine would start rising again because we were still underneath the other submarine.

Anyway, the ice started freezing, and somehow we could breath underwater? hmmm? OK, so then I'm watching the ice form and my body is getting cold. And I can't move because I'm frozen, which, let me tell you, was not part of the original plan. Then I remember falling asleep in the water as its freezing some more.

Then I open my eyes as the final layer of ice is freezing on top of me and I woke up FOR REAL, in real life I mean, because I couldn't breathe. It was the most fucked up thing ever.


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Captain Rocket said...

That is pretty sweet. Was the submarine yellow?

Stephanie said...

no, it was like a military submarine. but probably we had yellow submarine on vinyl

Captain Rocket said...


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