Ok Dudes

October 15, 2005

Ok dudes, tomorrow I'm going to a fish auction.

Gina is making me go. I didn't buy any fish last time. But I was also totally drunk out of my mind at the last fish auction. Man I was drunk last time. Haha. Also, last time I had a hotdog at the concession and it was yummy, hopefully they'll be good this year and if they're not I'm leaving and going for lunch instead of watching the 14 hour fish auction and thinking about how awesome it would be if aliens were sucking my brains out.

So anyway, tomorrow is the fish auction. And today I saw Elizabethtown and it was OK. I mean, I enjoyed it, but I don't know how I feel about it really because I don't know why. That makes no sense. Well fuck it. Today is Saturday and I feel like a retard because I'm home on a Saturday night, but I actually don't give a shit because I didn't feel like doing anything and I'm the epitamy of antisocial right now.

Man I could really go for some coffee. And you know what's total bullshit? is that Tim Horton's raised their fucking prices! Like what the shit man? an extra 10 cents? $1.50 for a coffee? ahhhhhh fucking bullshit.

if there's no cute fish i'm going to go ballistic and then hyperventillate and then probably just have a hot dog.


uglybutterfly said...

There's such a thing as a fish auction?

Tell me more.

Gina said...

You know you love it!

Besides you get to spend all day with me!!!

christy said...

ha.. butterfly girl, i think that is the EXACT same thing i said to her!

anywaysssss steph, did you sell lots of plants? did you buy any fish? did you see any dead tetras? i was sad that i didn't get to talk to you last night. :( and maybe not tonight unless we get back before it's crazy late from nin. hmm. oh well, we shall see.

hope you are having a mega extreme turbo awesome day!

Stephanie said...

Lisa- fish auction is like an auction where you go to buy fish. but they're cute pet fishes, not like fishes for eating or anything. and also you can buy plants and other miscellaneous things. and you get to bid on stuff and its fun hehe

Isabel- i did sell my plants. they sold for $18. i bought 1 fishy for $22 and he's cute and red and white and he swims and i'll post a pic of him later. have an awesome time at nin. oh and there were no tetras at the auction at all. mostly its cichlids.

gina- i see you all the time, so there you go. and yeah, the auction was good.

uglybutterfly said...

I've heard of horse auctions (did you know you can buy a horse for like.. $45?)
But never fish auctions.

That is amazing. It's too bad fish gross me out, otherwise I would see for myself.

Congrats on the new fishy.

Stephanie said...

Thanks. Actually Calgary has way better fish than Edmonton, way cheaper too. I think I'm gonna come down there one of these weekends and get some fishes.

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