My Fish are Whores

October 18, 2005

Ok, my fishies are having babies. I thought they were dying but Gina says they're having babies so now two of my fishie momma's are in their own tank awaiting the arrival of the fishy babies.

Anyway, here's the pics of the fish I bought at the auction. He's big and pretty and red and white and I love him and he was worth every penny and I'm happy I got him and he didn't die.




Anonymous said...

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christy said...

awww what are you gonna name the fish?

fish are so awesome <3

Stephanie said...

my mom wants to name him Carlos, and so far I haven't come up with anything good. So the name is still being debated

Gina said...

Sweet ass picture stephy

Gina said...

Dont forget to say how you loved the auction and how I didnt have to twist your arm and how you wish there was another one soon and how you will be twisting my arm to go to the next one.

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