April 17, 2006

So life is this dramady that really couldn't be stupider. People fighting about nothing, things being spread all over. It's really kind of nuts and it's like living in junior high.

This kind of stuff only happens around finals, without fail, I need to study - bam something happens.

Gina's the bad guy, that's the tale they're spinning on the radio these days. Maybe it's just me, but childish antics are getting old. Somehow, they just seem more and more pathetic the older I get.

Friends should be friends and they should stay out of business that isn't theirs, and if all you're trying to do is stay out of something that has nothing to do with you, you shouldn't get major shit for it.

I'm tired of drama, can't things be quiet and "normal" and everyone be happy for like 5 minutes of they year?

Jeebus I need to study

EDIT- my fish had babies today and they're cute. I think there's around 15 or so. Can't really tell because they're so small and you can't see them all and they swim and all that stuff

Song- Sulk - Radiohead


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