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April 27, 2006

Ok ok ok I've been up for a long long time because now I work crazy hours, like I start at 6am and then I finish at 6pm and can you even imagine getting up at 4:30am so that you can go to work? No me either, so I wake up at 4:50am because I feel that there is no reason whatsoever for hygiene at that time of the morning. So basically I fall out of bed and brush my teeth and pull my hair back without brushing because that is so beyond unnecessary and then I put my makeup on because that is so essential and then at 5:10am I leave for Tim Horton's coffee (2 cream, 1 sugar) and then I'm off to be so awesome and charming at work and smile all day long so that my face aches more than my back does.

At work they call me Stephy. I thought only the attractive but older Hungarian maintenance guy did this, but lately my boss has started doing it too. Which is weird if you ask me. He's all, "stephy you are slacking because you didn't make coffee" and I'm like "boss (of course I said his name here) I am reading my book and have no time for coffee" and then he starts laughing and says "hahaha stephy's back" like that's some kind of awesome thing instead of torture/punishment.

Haha yesterday boss was all "My doctor's intern got my blood pressure wrong and wrote 180/40; then the doctor told me I should be in cardiac arrest and dead. So I said I was the best looking dead guy ever" then I said "that is a matter of opinion" and it got a lot of laughs because I'm awesome.

Some company bought our company so now we're a new company and they lost all our banking records so if I'm the victim of identity theft there is a lawsuit on the way, because lets face it, who wouldn't want to be me?Starbucks

Somehow at work people want to tell me everything. It's always been like this, and I've never quite understood it. I'm like badmouthing central and if this was a show like The Office, the cameras would focus on me all the time because it's always people chatting with me about how evil other people are, and then evil people coming and chatting about how evil the other people are. And it goes on and on
I think I'm delirious
Mostly they chat about how evil the other girl who does my job is (it's a rotation, so 2 people for same job hehe - note: I didn't really think that needed to be explained, but I'm sleepy and typing is therapeutic somehow). She doesn't so any work apparently. I read this note that she wrote to the boss about how evil the girl I replaced was, and it was so out of line and if she writes something like that about me I'm going to get her fired because I'm awesome and I trained her so if she mouths me off I'll slap her and put her back in her place.

Also, I don't like her car. It's says "daddy's little girl" on it and I think that's just retarded beyond repair. One lady who's been working there for like 7 years has gone on medical leave because this girl was put on the rotation and then she didn't do any work, so the lady had to do all the work and got burnt out in like a really short amount of time. This is not heresay, the lady came in today and she told me all this. Everyone tells me everyting - and all I want to do is read my fricken book.

My new superior lady thinks I'm awesome because I do all my work in the first hour I'm there and then I spend the next 11 hours reading my book in between customers, and no one can say anything because I did all my work and usually a bit more. Haha

Probably this post was horribly boring to read, that's why I inserted those lovely and super old awesome photos, to take the pain away -
so here's something interesting
yesterday our valet service had an accident - a driver smashed a 2005/2006 (I'm not sure which) into the wall of the parkade and there's like $5000-$8000 worth of damage. And everyone tells me these things, even though I have no need in knowing.

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