A Stupendous Movie Review by Moi

April 2, 2006

OK so I watched In Her Shoes tonight, thinking like, this is going to be awesome because there are going to be so many cute shoes, it will be like shoe overdose. Yeah, not as many cute shoes as there could have been, unfortunately it was more about the "relationships" as opposed to the shoes.

My mom laughed at me when I gasped when she broke the heel on those Jimmy Choo's . Seriously, that's a crime. And fuck, when she spilled the ice cream on those cute wrap ups. ahhhhhh. A crime punishable by death.

Other than the kind of lack of cute shoes, it was pretty good. I wouldn't watch it again or anything, but overall it was pretty cute. Especially all the old people. Good times are the retirement palace.

Song- Nautical Disaster; The Tragically Hip

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