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April 18, 2006

I'm a bad friend to people who betray me

I don't feel bad about it

I used to, but I just don't care anymore

I'm sick of feeling bad for things I didn't do in the first place

I don't need to explain myself to anyone other than me, and the people who really know me know that I'm honnest and loyal and really kind of wonderful

So if you don't know this, or claim to not know it, then I guess you don't really know me

And maybe I lied about being mad, but I was just "coexisting"

This quote is the only remotely interesting thing in my psych textbook that I have been reading nonstop for the last zillion hours and my bum hurts from so much sitting and reading and studying.

"The only reality you can possibly know is the world as you perceive and experience it ... And the only certainty is that those perceived realities are different. There are as many 'real worlds' as there are people" - Carl Rogers

Song- Warning Sign - Coldplay


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