Double Dog Dare Day 3 - Part 2

October 27, 2010

I should buy stock in a toilet paper company or something - I've never peed this much in my life.  Clearly I've been slacking off in my water consumption up until this challenge.

Today was pretty good, not as good as yesterday, but I'm clocking in with 1246 calories (46 over) and 72 ounces of water so far. 

I skipped out on the gym again, but I'm feeling better, so gym for sure tomorrow.  I always feel better when I go anyway, well, not during the actual exercise, but after it's over.  Maybe it's just relief that it's over lol.

It's 9:45pm, I really feel like eating something sweet.  I think I'll drink some more water instead.


Tamzin said...

Not too shabby!!

The water is amazing... I've started getting adjusted already and have 2L in me by lunchtime. That never used to happen.

I'm going to get back into walking tonight. I hurt my back last weekend (ug) and its starting to feel better. So, slow walk, hot bath and I'll be feeling great.

Excellent on resisting the sweets. I don't have any in the house so taht no matter what... I can't get to them! :)

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