Half Remembered Dream

October 9, 2010

When I dream I am skinny. It's always a little sad to wake up and see the real me, or the me that I've become. I guess in my dreams I'm the old me, the person I was before I gained the weight, before I was insecure.

I ran into an old friend at the dog park today. It was nice to catch up. We met last year when we both joined the same boot camp.

You see, last year I had the great idea that the way for me to lose a bunch of weight was to join a boot camp. My family figured I'd quit after a couple days, but I lasted 6 months. 3 days a week for 6 months. Guess how much weight I lost? 10lbs! that's it! After all that incredibly hard work, I lost 10 lbs. Normally I'd be happy to lose 10lbs, but at $200 a month, 10lbs didn't seem like a great pay off.

Anyway, we lost touch shortly (immediately) after I had to quit the job she had offered me, b/c my current job was able to offer me more hours. Which is the reason I didn't want to take the job to begin with, I was afraid it would wreck the friendship, and I was exactly right. She stopped returning my calls, and I eventually gave up.

So, it was a bit awkward seeing her today ... she's 8 months pregnant! Due 4 days before my birthday ... apparently she didn't call back b/c she didn't have my number as something (not sure what) happened to her cell phone. Anyway, she gave me her number again and wants me to call her for a get together. Which is great, b/c she has 4 small dogs, and my dog is small (mini-schnauzer) and most of my friends have large dogs, mostly she pays with 2 great danes, so, a huge size difference. Though it's cute, she's getting more and more used to them, and will now chase them around and kind of jump up on her hind legs so she can smell their faces. I should take a picture of that.

OK - it's late, I need to regulate my sleeping times I think, I've heard that's helpful for weight loss. Tomorrow will be a super food/exercise post.


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