October 14, 2010

I found this on 42 is a Magic Number and thought I'd give it a go.

1. What was your highest weight, what do you weigh right now and what is your goal weight?

My highest weight was 256lbs. I currently weight 242lbs, and my goal is 140lbs.

2. What is your #1 motivation for losing weight?

My health - I found out that I have PCOS, so I need to lose weight if I want a better chance at having kids. I also have a fatty liver, I don't particularly want it to turn into liver cancer, so, I may as well deal with it while it's reversible.

3. Have you always been overweight?

No - I gained my weight starting my second year in university, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and food became my comfort. Up until then I was relatively healthy, within my healthy weight range, worked out.... but the past 9 years have not been so great.

4. When you want to give up what inspires you to keep going?

The idea that my liver will give out, and I'll die.

5. What is the #1 thing you look forward to when you hit your goal weight?

The clothes! I know I should say health, but darn, I just want to look cute for a while.

6. Do you have support on your weight loss journey?

Yes - all the people who read this blog, and maybe it helps you a little... friends, not so much, family, sort of ... if they'd stop asking me to bake for them it would be easier lol.

7. What is your favorite exercise?

Swimming - though, currently I won't go near a pool.

8. What is the most important thing you have learned on your weight loss journey?

Don't stop just because the scale has... keep going, the scale will catch up with you.

9. What is one thing you have given up that you miss the most?

That's a hard one - chips I think.... ok wait, popcorn the way I used to eat it... lots of butter and salt. Yup, salty buttery popcorn.

10. What is your strategy for losing weight?

Following my LA Weight Loss plan, exercising and believing in myself (it's been a while)


Anonymous said...

This was great! I copied you and did this on my blog, too. :)

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