It's 12:35am - are you eating?

October 16, 2010

I can't sleep - I keep thinking about food.  I'm staying at my grandma's tonight.  From 7pm until 11pm (which is when she went to bed) she harassed me to eat food.  I declined everything.  I feel good about that. 

I went to the gym today.. 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 420 calories burned.  I feel like I had a way better workout then what I do on The Shred, the sweat was dripping off.

But here I am, 12:39am now - thinking about eating.  I"m not going to.  The freezer has these potato wedges from M&M that are so delicious.... I finally looked at the nutrition, 170 calories for 5 wedges! OMG!  Who eats 5????  No one!


Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns!!
Dont eat those wedges! Nobody ever stops at 5, and at that time of night, youd have to count it in tomorrows calories.. Do you want to start tomorrow on Wedges??

Anonymous said...

You're probably genuinely hungry, especially if you're only eating 1200 calories a day. 1200 is good for a woman of healthy weight but when you're larger you need more fuel to be satiated, keep your metabolism up and to make sure you burn fat and not lean muscle. My calorie budget is much higher, I lose weight more slowly but I don't get hungry or food obsessed which is a big thing for me because I was once capable of eating large amounts of food every day. Anyway, I know I sound kind of snotty but I'm just telling you what I know from my own experiences. :)

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