Scale-athon #4

October 11, 2010

242.0 lbs

No change.

This I find frustrating. I've been on plan, I've been exercising and no change! I understand if I veer of plan, that's fine, that's something I did and shouldn't have. This is just frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Totally frustrating, but don't let it get you. Tomorrow you'll probably be down. My theory is the scale is the diet devil, trying to throw you off your plan. Keep going and you will be rewarded...look for NSV's.

Anonymous said...

I understand you're frustrated. My weight stays the same for a few weeks then it will suddenly drop by several pounds. I still get impatient but in the back of my mind I know my weight always does this little trick with me. You may want to try staggering your calorie intake from week to week to jump start the loss. I do this and it works quite well. Be sure and give yourself free days for eating too, it's one of the benefits of calorie staggering. I give myself about one day a week or every two weeks where I eat whatever I want, as much of it as I want for one meal of that day. Although, if you tend to binge, this probably isn't a good idea but it's been working for me for a year. Your weight will drop. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm really hoping to see a drop next week. I think I may up my water intake and see if that helps or not.

And I do tend to binge, so I think I'll stay away from the eat whatever I want for a meal for a while, at least until I have this under a bit more control anyway.

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