Scale-athon #5 - 15/30 Challenge Week 1

October 22, 2010

I was terrified of stepping on that scale this morning.  I felt like week 1 of this 15/30 challenge went pretty well, but, at the start of it I had gained 1 pound and was at 243 lbs, that, plus knowing in order to get to 15 pounds in a month I'd have to lose 3.5 lbs a week just stressed me out.

Happily, I am down 2.5 lbs and am sitting at 240.5 lbs.  I didn't quite make it to 3.5, but I'm certainly happy with 2.5, and I'm even happier that the scale is finally moving in the right direction again. 

It occurred to me today that I have no control over time (yup, I know that's completely obvious :P).  In a year it will once again be October 22, roughly 6:20pm.  And in that year I can choose to do nothing, and be this weight next year, I can choose to stuff my face with all kinds of treats and probably be twice my size by next year, or, I can do something about this, and be fit and at my goal weight.

I think for me it's about getting through one day.  One at a time.  Make all the right decisions about what I'm going to eat and what I'm going to do at the gym.. then make the same decision the next day.  And before long they won't be decisions anymore, because it'll be my norm.


Lady Cyone said...

That's a great attitude and congrats on your loss. I had the same thought to I can either commit to doing something better or find myself here again next time trying to lose the same weight again. Good luck in your journey.

Gina said...

Yeah thats awesome. Will be even more awesome monday when I Come to the gym with u.. Old work out buddies again I tell ya.. On another note. My Father has lost 22pounds the last 2 weeks.. So there is hope for all!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Lady Cyone... good luck to you as well :)

Gina that's awesome to hear about your Dad!! And I'm looking forward to having my gym buddy back! We need to try Zumba.

Debbie said...

Hi, I found your blog through WLB. Congratulations on the 2.5 lb loss! You have a great attitude. You are right, it all comes down to making the right decisions and creating healthy new habits. I'm going to start following your blog.

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