October 4, 2010

My weekly weigh in will be moved to Tuesday. I spent Sunday night at my grandma's house - she doesn't have a scale... well, she does, but you can put a 10 pound bag of potatoes on it and it will tell you it weighs 30 pounds. So, not reliable.

My grandma's house is pretty much like walking through a store called Temptation. She's got everything you could want to snack on - salty, sweet, salty and sweet... I forgot how tricky it is to be at her house.

She's also the kind of person who is always offering you food. From the minute you get there, until the minute you either leave or go to bed, she's trying to get you to eat something.

I lived with her when I was completing my first Bachelor degree. The surprising thing is that instead of gaining the freshman 15, I actually lost 15 pounds in my first year of University. I was thinner than when I was in high school. I ate regular meals, a portion of chips a day, veggies, all kinds of things. I even got in my head that I should start going to the campus gym. So clearly I have not always hated exercise, I guess that's a more recent development.

Sadly, after my first year of University, the weight started to pile on. Ultimately, I'd like to get down to the weight I was when I lost those 15 pounds.


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