Scale-athon #3

October 5, 2010

242.0 lbs (+3 lbs)

This is disappointing... but not surprising. I did Take Off again last week and I gained 3 pounds from that. I talked to my counselor and we decided that for the next month I would skip Take Off, as I always seem to gain when I'm on it.

This week I'm going to be extremely rigid in what I eat and not veer from my plan at all. Hopefully I'll be able to see a loss by the next weekly weigh in.

I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred Challenge. Today is day 5, I'm already finding that my endurance is increasing, so that's encouraging at least.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...well, don't be discouraged. I really don't understand "diet plans". I mean, I do in the way that I have been on them in the past but could never stick to them. There could be any number of reasons for the weight gain from fluid retention to having eaten foods that are slower to digest and that take longer to leave the body. My weight goes up all the time, the important thing is that it keeps going down from month to month. Keep up the exercise! :)

Stephanie said...

well LA Weight Loss it kind of about eating well rounded meals based on the food guide. It does have a lot of variety, but I've just been lazy with my food prep lately. And I've been behind on my water.

And you're right, as long as my number is lower at the end of the month, then everything is ok!

I'm Annie said...

Hi Stephanie :)

Yay, new bloggy friends! Good luck with the Shred Challenge... you can do it!

Mrs. Lovely said...

I hate the scale It discourages me when i see an increase in my weight that is why most my diet plans fail! I just give up when I see my weight go up and down. im a new Follower

Stephanie said...

I know exactly what you mean Mrs. Lovely ... I tend to get discouraged really easily as well. But that doesn't get the result I think we all want, which is to lose weight, so I guess even if we're discouraged we need to stick with it!

Anonymous said...

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