And the Insecurity Sets In

May 18, 2005

I was just told that I look really weird in these glassess. And now I feel bad. I'm sad because I thought they were pretty cute, but apparently I just look stupid.

Why does this always happen. Why is it that whenever I even remotely feel a little bit OK about myself, someone else always has to interfere with that and make me feel like a fool.

I know I'm not pretty, and I'm not skinny and on and on, but for one second in my life I would like to feel like life is more than who wears a size 2 pant size. And in all honnestly, I know this seems like I'm making excuses for why I don't wear a size 2 pant size.

And I am.

But not anymore.

Make me in the Image of Your Perfection is back online starting tomorrow.


Gina said...

I wish you wouldnt be so hard on your self. Who cares if some one doesnt like your glass's. It totally depends on your style and your personality. Some people Can get away with purple hair and some cant. Keep wearing the glass's and rock on!

lyndsey said...

I like the glasses Steph. Don't listen to those other people.

Leck said...

you're making yourself a victim by not being yourself.

christy said...

i think your glasses are cute.

also, i'm not sure if you're aware that that first matt good image you have on your sidebar there is a deviation that was made by a good friend of mine, and things on deviantart are copyrighted, incase you didn't know. he's a pretty nice guy, so i'm sure he wouldn't mind you using it if you asked him and credited him for it. you can find him here.

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