Purgery is Today's Modern Art

May 20, 2005

I'm stealing a photo and I didn't even know it. I totally didn't mean to. It belongs to Saturine. The first Matt Good pic on the sidebar.

I honnestly don't know what I was thinking, and now feel like a total idiot. I just remember saving it to my computer, and then when I actually figured out how to change my sidebar, which took like a month, I had this photo and I had no idea where it had come from, so I just put it on.

So total credit to Saturine for making the photo. And while I'm at it, I dont' know where the Starbucks photo or the other matt good photo are from.. But people who are not me deserve credit for them.

I got a new fish tank, it's ginormous. I can't wait to put some fishies in it. I got a filter today and I put the rocks in and now its a bitching pimped out fish tank that is wicked awesome. Except I'm scared it's so heavy it might fall through my drawers. Oh well.

Work is stupid and crazy and nuts. I trained a guy names Ian today.. but all day I kept calling him E-on.. like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And it was funny and I laughed at him and then he ended up comming into town with me for lunch and it was beyond weird.

But it was OK, training I mean, because it meant that I didn't have to do any work all day, just sit and watch E-on do all the cashing. And it was boring and dumb all rolled into one.


saturnine said...

saturnine :)

it's ok, i stole the images from matt good

adrienne said...

purgery? or plagery?

christy said...

i want a fish tank :(

i had one when i was little and it was like my nightlight. my fish always died though.

Leck said...

i want some sharks... big sons of bitches.

Stephanie said...

Yeah I was thinking about how that purgery didn't really make sense, but then I thought that I didn't care and went to sleep *s*

Sharks would be cool. But they kind of freak me out.

Leck said...

don't hate on the sharks dude.

christy said...

you can't have sharks in a regular fish tank, silly.

Leck said...

oh yes you can.

Gina said...

There are about 7 different kinds of sharks you can put in a tank.
I have 2 different ones right now in my tank!

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