I'm an 80's Rock Star

May 3, 2005

My bangs look rad. I didn't like them yesterday, but now I look like I'm sporting the hippest bangs of the century.

Also, when I flip my head around they go crazy grungy and flippy floppy all over the place and then fall back where they're supposed to be just as the chorus of the song starts to play and I'm jamming around some more.


Sometimes, when I think no one is looking, I start singing out loud at work. And then my boss will show up and be like "are you singing again crazy girl?"

And today the super boss showed up, that's my bosses boss just so we're clear. But she's this super "modern" dressing bitch lady that I hate but I laugh at all her jokes so she'll think that I like her.

And I said, maybe I should change my shoes before she comes. And my boss looked bewildered. Then I explained that I was not wearing black shoes (which is the uniform) and that mine were in fact pink. He was probably so bewildered because I have in fact never work black shoes to work in the 3 years that I've been there, so it's kind of the norm.. But I ended up wearing my pink shoes with sparkles on them, which are super awesome. And all was good.


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