Sometimes I don't like to drink Water

May 31, 2005

Half of my fishtank is dead.

I accidentally licked my finger, and it had doggie medicine on it; it tastes just like tylenol.

My doggie got sick last night and I stayed up most of the night taking her out into the backyard so she could puke, then I went to work for 12 hours where I yelled like a crazy person at customers and then got mad because a coworker was joking that I have bad customer service.

One lady almost drove through my gate this morning, I yelled at her to stop and I scared my boss. She was like 80 and didn't put her car in park. She was confused why me and the building were moving.

Sometimes I wish all my coworkers would quit and I'd be the only one and then I could have a really big raise.

I'm scared that when I'm a teacher I'll swear at the kids, I've got kind of a pirate mouth.

Speaking of pirates, eye patches are fun.



christy said...

steph, i'm no help with the header thing... i had no idea how to do it so i just asked someone that knows html to do it for me. i'm lucky that i can post without ruining something, to be honest.

oh and i also have bad customer service but that is because people are fucking stupid and i have no patience for them. so it's THEIR fault, not ours. :D

Stephanie said...

I couldn't agree more. People act dumb, so it's not my fault I react with rage!

Leck said...

go pirates!

Anonymous said...

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