I'm Feeling Very Olympic Today

May 21, 2005

I watched Cool Runnings when I got home from work.. That movie always makes me cry.. The way they carry the bobsled across the finish line, I'm a total gonner by that point.

I went to Big Al's today to purchase a background for the tank.. they were closed, so I was just acting like an idiot. Nothing new there.

My boss had a nervous breakdown at work. Lately it seems like I'm the only sane person working there, theft & fraud, breakdowns, we're just a parking lot & shuttle service for pity's sake. Although most of the time I kind of am ready to start yelling at my customers. Don't ask me for a complimentary journal sir, that's rude. What you have 20 cents? Well I made your change like 5 minutes ago while you were looking for it and now there are 10 people in line behind you so no, I will not give you a loonie back. Here are some pennies instead jerk.

I hate who I am at this job. So angry and just completely full of rage. And finally there was a silver lining, I found the speakers for the computer so I could actually listen to something other than talk radio.. yeah, someone stole them. No more cd's for me. good old talk radio.. I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday, I've got the Ukranian hour to look forward to.

So that's basically what happened to me today.

I want to see Star Wars. I really like Natalie Portman, and that guy who plays that guy is pretty hot. Natalie Portman wore really nice dresses in one of those other Star Wars movies, I dont know which one.

But that reminds me of something hilarious I saw the other day. I was driving by the movie theater wednesday night and all these people, like 40 of them, were dressed up as Star Wars guys and were fighting with light sabers. I almost got in an accident it was hilarious.


christy said...

"and that guy who plays that guy is pretty hot."

that made me laugh because i say shit like that all the time and no one ever understands what i'm trying to say...

where do you work?

Stephanie said...

I work at the airport as a cashier.

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