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May 15, 2005


It's hard to believe so much insanity can stem from such a kickass bottle.

But last night, the insanity was abundant. It started off harmlessly, jello shots and drinking games. But soon progressed to all out scariness and kind of a horror of myself.

We were sitting around a fire at Gina's having a jolly good time and somehow I drank way more than my share of vodka. Then I was begging her brother not to tell my brother how drunk I was, and her dad was mad at me for swearing so loudly. This was followed by some kind of conversation about how it's good that me and Gina are drinking buddies, although I have no recollection of this and Gina had to tell me.

Then I guess I asked Lyndsey to get me my purse and I decided to go home. But being the logical girl I am, I thought, hey what if the police catch me walking around with an open bottle of vodka, that would probably be bad. So, I dumped the whole bottle onto Gina's lawn and started off for home. I had walked down the street and then I saw a car comming, I got scared and threw the bottle into the field (there's that logic again). I walked a little bit more and then another car came along, I got spooked as it came towards me so I ran into the field and then proceeded to lie down and hide beside a fence.

After laying there for a while I started to think about maybe doggies go to the bathroom there and maybe I shouldn't lie there anymore. So I got up and walked the rest of the way home. I managed to get the garage door unlocked and stumble into my bedroom..

This morning when Gina called my cell, I found my purse neatly stashed in my underwear drawer.

Driving down the street today with Gina, we noticed that my "awesome" throw to get rid of the bottle actually landed 2 feet away from the sidewalk. I got out of the car and brought the bottle home.

I'm never drinking again.


Gina said...

Good Times, Good times.

Its funny how you can have 20 people at a party and everyone remembers something different. My brother told me that I fell down a few times, as he was telling me, I kinda remembered the bench falling on top of me. *LOL*

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