Star Wars: Attack of that Really Hot Guy

May 22, 2005

OK, so I saw Star Wars tonight with Gina and John. I liked it. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, like I can't really recall what happened in the other ones except I remember the Ewoks are cute and that Laya has the bun thing happening and stuff. Just stupid little minor details.

But this one was good. Very good graphics I thought, and that guy who plays Vader is super yummy. So that was a total bonus.

Other than that, my day was filled with boring boring repetitive tasks.

Also, Yoda is really cute. Flying around and with the little green light saber thing, awww.

This stupid customer at work today tried to run E-on's gate. Stupid lady, it crashed on her car. You can't just drive through the gate. So that really set the tone for the rest of the day, customers yelling, customers not understanding their price, customers yelling because they don't want to pay GST.

I got home just in time for Trailer Park Boys. That show kicks serious ass.


christy said...

you crack me up.

cute ewoks and leia's hair are about the only things i remember from star wars too.

well, and darth vader.

adrienne said...

we don't get showcase anymore! wah!!!!!! so we'll have to wait until the dvd comes out next spring to catch up... i can't believe trevor and cory are running the park!! nothing like a TPBs marathon.

Leck said...

1- ewoks are the BEST 'wooop de-dee'
2- trailer park boys was sweet last night, im seriously an addict to that show. its become a ritual to bbq burgers drink beers and watch trailer park boys every sunday.

adrienne said...

i wasn't going to brag, but now i have to b/c other TPB fans are reading; i stumbled upon a shoot while they were in toronto in the fall of 2003. i was on my way to work and as i came out of our parking garage and i rounded the corner, there was julian with a rye and coke. bubbles and ricky soon appeared (along with clattenburg and the crew). i raced upstairs and got my hubby, we called friends and we watched them shoot for about 2 hours. we got pictures with them and they signed their promo pictures for us (bubbles had his arm around me!!!) it was soooo awesome. they all stayed in character inbetween takes - ricky chain smokes like crazy! i got to work 2 hours late, and my boss didn't even care b/c i had such a sweet story and pictures to back it up. i'll blog them later. oh yeah.

Leck said...

yes! you have to blog those. you're so lucky!

Planetaryguy said...

WELL, I still want to see it, even though you totally spoiled the movie for me... *L*

Planetaryguy said...

Ewoks are cute..? geee, don't you know they are fierce fighting machines... dresses as adorable cute cuddly creatures to deceive the dark side... oh wait.. sorry, those are women !!! I always get the two mixed up..

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