I've Lost My Bananas!

May 13, 2005

Banana plant that is. It was in my tank yesterday, but today it has disappeared. I don't understand where it went. And its a think little plant, like bananas, looks like a bundle of bananas and now it has dissapeared.

I got a digital camera. It's so cute. Small and silver, with a black stripe around it that looks like a little ribbon, so it looks like a present. So every time I look at it I feel like I'm getting a present. Hehe, but I can't get the software to upload onto my comp, I'm a dumbass. My dad will have to figure it out.


In any case. I'm getting really drunk tomorrow and I can't fucking wait. I haven't gone drinking in a long long time and Gina's having a super kick-ass fire/drinking party at her house.


Sean said...

And you are now on my Blog

Cheers, enjoy the drinking.

Gina said...

Drinking is kick ass, I cannot wait. havent had a good party in such a long time.

Cheers to drinking and drinking buddies

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