Hey there's Antlers, What are Those About?

May 8, 2005

Night out with the girls. Driving around followed by vodka and a game of pool. The hilariousness and drinking a bottle of wine in a state of pure hilarity.

Somehow everything is just way funnier when you're drinking wine out of a bottle. It's way better than using a glass. So much fun to be had.

I spent the rest of the day at my stupid job, where my manager proceeded to tell me that scientists now don't believe in evolution because it's just a theory and there's no evidence and that there is lots and lots of evidence for what's written in the bible. And almost I wanted to laugh at her, but then she'd spread rumors of me being a psychotic bitch, which is only partially true, so I just said that it was nice that she likes God. (nothing against religious people) and then I asked what kind of scientists said they don't believe in evolution, and she said they were Christian scientists, and after that I did laugh a little.


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