Cybersex.....What the FUCK?

February 14, 2005

This evening something unusual happened to me... I was chatting happily with a couple friends on MSN, and all of a sudden, an offer to fuck me...

At first I was repulsed and astounded, then, I was curious. How is it that people are so liberal with sex? I can kind of understand meeting someone in a bar and having some kind of chemistry with them, and then taking it to the next level, but this is just an open invitation without knowing anything about me.

Maybe it's just me, but I at least like to know the name of the guy I'm sleeping with. He asked me what I looked like, and I told him the truth, I'm a tall fat girl. He said he liked big girls, something to hold onto.

I asked him why he was trying to pick up a total stranger off the net to fuck him. He said that he likes to fuck, and would I suck his cock. Ummm NO!

I asked him if he was prepared to fuck. He said, yes and that his cock was already hard. Ugh Gross! So anyway, I asked if he used condoms, which was the actual meaning of my original question. He said he didn't like condoms. I almost fell out of my chair, I was completely flabergasted. Naturally I asked why he didnt like them, and he said, and I quote "they don't feel as good". Ummmm you are the reason there is teen pregnancy you fucking retard. You are the reason that so many people have STD's.

I asked him how he dealt with the pregnancy issue if he wasn't into condoms. He said that all the girls he had fucked hadn't gotten pregnant, so he was sure it wouldn't happen to me. Or if I wanted, he would pull out just before. GOOD GOD! This guy is 25, and his grand plan is to pull out?

Naturally, I tried to explain to him that pulling out is NOT an effective method of birth control... I really don't think he believed me.
Obviously I blocked his ass (no pun intended).
Fucking idiot.


Gina said...

I Completly agree with you. I haven't had anyone have cyber sex with me for a few years. But thats probably because I have blocked most guys and only talk to people I know. I really dont see how anyone can get off having cyber sex anyways. I mean Oh im touching my boobs now. Oh Im getting hot for you. Ok I am deep throating.. Sure doesnt get me all hot and steamy. I cant belive what the world is commming to now a days. The world is so fucked up.

Stephanie said...

Totally agree with you Gina. I don't understand how it could get anyone off. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...


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