It's Very Clear to me why North America is Fat

February 17, 2005

A staggering 69% of the United States is considered obese. I'm not sure what the stat for Canada is, but I'm sure that it must be quite similar.

On my way to the University today it became abundantly clear why North America had become so obese. It's because if we walk anywhere we could DIE. Traffic is the scariest thing I've seen in a while. I was on the bus heading for school and traffic got backed up. So what does the bus driver do? Well, it's not wait in line like a normal driver, no he just drives up onto the sidewalk and speeds up. I can see pedestrians are starting to get worried. And I cannot blame them one bit, we almost hit one.

I am officially scared to walk anywhere.

There's a new Survivor starting tonight. I'm super excited. I love that show, crazy people dynamics, that's the main draw in, or possibly it's the scenery. Who knows! I'm just way to addicted to TV right now. ER is on, it's really sad. But Cynthia Nixon is amazing, so that's always good.


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